Welcome to King Shibarium

Utility and Dedication will lead us to success.
King Shibarium is the brainchild of two developers, early as far back as September 2022, $KSHIB will be a full-fledged company, the team will seek to register it as a crypto company in Dubai, so it will have more opportunities for global expansion through BITCOIN fairs and various conferences where new blockchain projects are showcased. KING that will offer utilities with a real use case within the shibarium network that will be released hypothetically on Feb. 14 according to some rumors. The KING ecosystem will consist of three basic utilities which are KingSwap, CrossChain Bridge, King NFT Marketplace... in addition to these three basic ones we will also develop for the shibarium network King Deployer and King AI.
Each utility will be beneficial for our holders, $KSHIB will turn out to be the first token that will offer core tools for shibarium.
Last modified 7mo ago